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Hospital Solution
Pharmacy:  An overall solution for your pharmacy business covering outpatient & inpatient/emergency/PIVAS pharmacy departments as well as consumables concerned.
CSSD: An integrated CSSD solution from Instrument & air sterilization, washing, storage to overall CSSD traceability system as well as consumables concerned;
Rapid Readout Biological Indicator for sterilization evaluation.
Blood Bank Solution
An integrated Blood bank solution for whole blood collection, separation, centrifugation, freezing and  storage as well as consumables concerned;
Lab Solution
A Product Choice Line from Transportation & Storage, Centrifuge, Bio-safety Cabinet, Water Purification System, Temperature Management System to Sample Management System, meaning from very beginning to very end;
Storage: Accurate storage with precise temperature in accurate capacity of containers, freezers and refrigerators: -150℃, -86℃, -40℃,-25℃,-15℃, 2-8℃;
Applied samples include blood, tissues, blood cells,plasma, blood component as well biological products;
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