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Customer Consistency Report on Ugaiya Brand Steam Biological Indicator

After 2 years technical development and analysis, UGAIYA launched 3-Hour steam biological indicator for rapid sterilization evaluation in 2016. Till now, our distributions have covered all around the world including Middle Asia, Europe, South Africa and South East Asia. Positive feedbacks from our endusers and distributors are pretty much and recently we got a report from our Brazil distributor Med Control about consistency report on UGAIYA rapid steam biological indicator, and the test result is 97%, which is satisfactory acceptability in accordance to ANSI/AAMI/ISO11138-1:(2006). This is a quite impressive and inspiring news for our product from our esteemed users.

In early 2018, UGAIYA launched another key rapid biological indicator-1-Hour H2O2 indicator and its supporting reader. In future our sterilization product range will be more complete and stable to answer the rapid market demands in overseas.

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